Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made on behalf of JW Diesel Limited, JW International Limited and JW Diesel Christchurch Limited (“JW Group”).

About us
JW Group represents the world’s largest bus manufacturer as a distributor of electric buses and heavy commercial vehicles in New Zealand. JW Group is currently at the forefront of Zero Emission technology within New Zealand, and we are equipped to maintain and repair both diesel and electric buses. We have the capabilities to provide 24/7 support for our Yutong Bus clients and to support all our operators throughout the whole of New Zealand with service, parts, and charging solutions. We provide our clients with finance and leasing options.

Modern Slavery
Modern slavery describes situation of severe worker exploitation, including forced labour and trafficking. Modern Slavery is defined under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (section 4) and includes debt bondage, servitude, deceptive recruiting, the worst forms of child labour, slavery (including the severe exploitation of migrant workers) and forced marriage.

Our Commitment
JW Group is committed to ensuring that there is no slavery, forced or compulsory human labour, abuse of power over vulnerable individuals or any other form of exploitation in any part of our business or in our supply chain. This statement sets out for the public, our clients, suppliers, and employees the steps that we are taking to ensure there is no forced labour or any other form of exploitation in our operation.

Our Operations
At JW Group, we adhere to a high standard of ethics and values that guide our management decisions and operational procedures. We select our suppliers with care and ensure appropriate due diligence in connection with modern slavery has been undertaken on our existing suppliers and will be carried out on any prospective suppliers. Our employees frequently travel to China to maintain our working relationships and keep up to date with the latest technology. We are aware of the risks we face in our day-to-day operations and will continue to undertake a thorough due diligence investigation on all our suppliers to minimize the risks and remain alert to the indicators of modern slavery. JW Group does not and will not knowingly support or deal with any supplier involved in modern slavery. We strongly oppose the use of forced labour and are committed to ensuring forced labour is not used in any part of our supply chain.

Wei Zhou

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